Your seminar hotel in Tyrol

A space for points of contact, networking and encounters - why not feel the lightness in professional life? In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fast-moving, there is often a great desire for relaxation and recreation. Only when there is enough space to take a deep breath can creative thoughts flow again and tired spirits come to life. The LA SOA Eventlodge in the center of the chalet village is exactly the right place for this. It serves as a meeting place and source of inspiration to develop new ideas and draw new energy.

Work and everyday life in a new balance

The valley lies at an altitude of over 1100 meters in a beautiful location in Tyrol Austria and offers the ideal supporting program for seminars, conferences, team building, workshops or events at any time of the year, whether winter or summer. In the midst of the Tyrolean mountains and nature, new fires of life are kindled and inspiration can flow. Taking a short break, coming into harmony with yourself and rearranging your thoughts - this is also important at work in order to make further progress.

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Seminar hotel, chalet village and event lodge - the concept of LA SOA combines lightness with attitude to life and creates a new balance. You shouldn't wait until you're on vacation to take a break, but also when you have both feet on the ground in your professional life. Simply move the next meeting to the terrace with a wonderful panorama. How about coaching on the mountain? Or do you want to have an after-work drink in front of the fireplace? For us, work-life balance means changing perspectives, taking different paths and crossing mental boundaries.

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The event lodge as an inspiring force

Whether it's a seminar, leadership training or workshop: If you have something to say, present an idea or if you want to present something that others can benefit from, the event lodge is the right place for you. The rooms adapt to the event and nature clears your head, making it easier to absorb new things. Why not move elements of your seminar outside to the wonderful terrace of the event lodge, you will see how your participants will experience this positively. Or how about coaching on the mountain? An after-work cocktail on the rooftop? Everything is possible.

Our seminar rooms – please take a seat

Enjoy the advantages of a seminar hotel in an ambience where one likes to be a guest. The event lodge offers four different seminar rooms that can be flexibly adapted depending on the number of participants or groups. Small teams or groups of up to 100 people can be accommodated here in the conference rooms - depending on the seminar. Modern conference technology and high-quality equipment make every event an experience.

Seminar rooms

Conference flat rates

Culinary delicacies are provided as part of our seminar offer. We offer various conference packages with high-quality dishes and snacks - fresh from the region and prepared with love.

Culinary delights:

  • Vegetable sticks with herb dip
  • ORGANIC yoghurt with fresh fruits
  • Vitamin drinks made from fruits and vegetables
  • Bacon and cheese from the Tannheimer Tal
  • Small dessert variations
  • Local juices
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Everyone needs a change of perspective sometimes

A varied supporting program of activities is available to our guests: In summer and winter, the region offers a wide range of activities for those who enjoy exercise and want to treat themselves to a break. Whether on the mountain, in the valley or in the spa - no wish is left unfulfilled here. A generous offer ensures that every guest can feel completely satisfied.

Supporting program

You will find enough leeway here, there are many offers. Nature alone is a good partner for being active and finding a change from work. Mountain bike trails, a ski area that spreads out right behind the chalets, hikes or new experiences, vernissages, readings, photo courses on the mountain and much more. Offers that are not intrusive but are there when you are looking for them.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to create an individual supporting program with many special features.

Supporting program