Vacation with Dog in the Tannheimer Tal

Would you like to experience a relaxing holiday together with your beloved four-legged friend? Or do you fancy an active short holiday in Tyrol with lots of action?
You are "Welcome" to our dog-friendly chalets! Here you can spend a nice holiday in Austria without giving up your dog. A real insider tip!

Dog-friendly Chalets

We have many chalets that meet the needs of your four-legged friend, such as the Nest Chalet, our Alpin Chalets, the Berggold Chalet and our Bently Chalets. All of our chalets have a fenced garden area that you can use to run and romp around.
In them you will find a dog mat to relax on, a towel to dry your paws as well as a dog blanket to cuddle and two bowls with a rubber mat underneath. A few treats are ready to help you arrive and feel good.

Hiking with dog in the midst of nature

The Tannenheimer Tal has been awarded several times as the most popular hiking destination in Austria and also offers a wonderful experience with a dog.
There are beautiful winter and summer hiking trails in the valley with over 100km over hill and dale, as well as paved paths on the valley floor and up to the mountains.
Please remember to always have your leash ready if you want to go for a walk. Whether in the valley, for the lifts or up in the mountains. Also important: tips on how to behave when dealing with dogs and grazing animals.

Always in company with the dog

Your four-legged friends are just as welcome in our restaurant #achtzig as you are. A water station in front of the restaurant in the lodge helps with small or large thirst.
You can find free dog bags in your chalet or at the top of the hotel car park. You can also dispose of them there free of charge! With us at LA SOA, everything is prepared so that you and your dog can spend a relaxing holiday together. As a small souvenir of your trip, you can also find small souvenirs at the reception in the LA SOA shop, such as dog leashes, dog collars or treats.

You can find a lot more information and what should be considered when vacationing with your dog under the following link:



-> Since you know what is proper, you rarely express yourself louder than your owner.

Use the dog bed

We would like to ask you to sleep on your dog blanket and not in your master's bed!

Leashed in the entire hotel area

-> so that none of our other quadrupeds or two-legged friends need be afraid.

special iconChalet

House for those seeking peace

Alpin Chalet

from 215€ total

Our two alpine chalets, each for 2-4 people, are ideal retreats for small families looking for peace and security. The chalet offers a living space of 106 square meters on two levels. On the ground floor is the living and dining area as well as the kitchen. The fully equipped kitchen with induction cooker, wine storage cabinet, refrigerator and JURA coffee machine gives you the freedom to cook for your family yourself. From the living area, with a couch and daybed, you can reach the terrace. The outdoor bathtub (can also be used in winter) and the Finnish outdoor sauna of the Alpin Chalet on the terrace are protected from prying eyes by half-height hedges. So you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Tannheimertal undisturbed and in peace. On the first floor of the Alpin Chalet there are two bedrooms with double beds, 2 adjoining bathrooms and each with its own balcony. Dogs are allowed in both fenced-in Alpin Chalets. So your four-legged friend can run around freely.

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